Shaggy Dog was formed in Sayidan, a small neighbourhood on the banks of a suburban river which flows through the heart of Yogyakarta, a quiet and regal city. On the 1st of June 1997, Shaggy Dog consisted of a couple of fun partners: Heru, Richard, Raymond, Bandizt, Lilik and Yoyo’ all of which agreed upon creating their very own special brew of song, ‘Doggy Style’: a mix of ska, reggae, jazz, swing and rock. Vibes from The Cherry Poppin Daddies, Hepcat, Bob Marley, Long Beach Dub Allstars to name a few, along with the ups and downs of daily life, colour the Dog’s sound.

As time went by, the boys played gig after gig, in malls, cafes, headlining college music festivals and in 1999 they released their first self-titled LP, under the management of their own label, ‘Doggy House’. Their debut album sold a staggering 20,000 copies and could be heard all over the archipelago. Due to the demands of touring, the boys threw the book at the man and chucked in their academic ‘careers’ to devote their time solely to the band.

After a hiatus of 2 years, in 2001 Shaggy Dog released their second album ‘Bersama’, with little back-up or support. The album was really a labour of love; the manager pawning his bike, the boys seen busking to raise bus money home. Not as romantic as it sounds…

2003 was to be the break that the boys needed. Head hunted by EMI Indonesia, Shaggy Dog was to turn major. Not only did the deal help their financial situation, cracking a deal with a major label helped them reach the kind of notoriety they could only dream of. Ears all over Asia pricked up and saw the guys being invited to be part of a Japanese compilation, “Asian Ska Foundation” which featured Ska from all over the continent.

Finally, in 2004 the boys got the incredible opportunity to play at the Festival Mundial in Tilburg, The Netherlands invited by the FESTIVAL MUNDIAL PRODUCTION. Not bad for a couple of pissy lads from downtown Yogyakarta!


Heru Wahyono

Born : 1980-04-20
From : Yogyakarta
Instrument : Vocals
Heruwa, the vocalist who’s been at the front line of Shaggydog since the band’s inception, has provided most of the lyrics for the band so far. The musician, whose full name is Heru Wahyono, was born in Bali on 20 April 1980. The youngest of 5 children, he spent his childhood in Kuta, together with his parents and siblings. His mother was a cook in a restaurant, while his father worked in the same place as a cleaner.
From an early age, Heruwa felt drawn to music, listening to The Rolling Stones that he heard being played around him. His father liked playing records by Ebiet G Ade, Broery Pesolima, and Chicha Koeswoyo. Growing up on the ‘island of the gods’ there were so many foreign tourists coming and going and these foreigners provided the young boy with a wealth of musical references. After his mother stopped working as a cook and changed course to open a business in the garment industry, she recruited many young transmigrants from around Indonesia, who helped develop Heruwa’s widening appreciation of music. This is how Heruwa came to know the Stones and Bob Marley.

Then, one of his elder siblings added to his musical knowledge, with the popular music of the era, from Van Halen through to Break Dancing. Heruwa’s very first public performance was during the yearly holidays when he traveled to his grandfather’s home town in Kendal, East Java, when he performed a break dance for the kids of his grandfather’s neighbourhood.
During junior high, Heru often hung out in Poppies Lane, Kuta, a well known tourist haunt with dozens of shops and restaurants, where he was exposed to a gamut of daily sounds, played at high volume from each doorway, the likes of the Doors, UB40, Alpha Blondy, 2 Live Crew, Terror Fabulous through to Snoop Dogg. His appreciation of this fantastic array of music grew, despite not actually knowing what he was listening to at the time, or having any deeper understanding of it.
Ironically, the first albums he ever bought, were by metal bands including Sepultura and Obituary. Despite the myriad of musical styles he’d devoured over this time, the musicians he listened to almost every day were Alpha Blondy and Bob Marley.
It was during his senior high year when his parents separated and Heru moved with his mother to Yogyakarta (or Jogja - as the town is more affectionately called). He attended the Marsudi Luhur Senior High School (now demolished and replaced by a hotel), and met Raymond, Richad and Bandizt. At school he was the only student with a Balinese accent and he didn’t understand the local Javanese language that everyone spoke. At the time, in the mid nineties, Jogja was in the grip of an alternative music trend when Raymond, Heru’s school mate, invited him to go and watch his band practicing at a local music studio, Lathaga, in preparation for their performance for Indonesian Independence day on 17 August. At the time, Raymond (guitar) had a band called Lampoe together with Bandizt (bass) and Aji (drums). Heru’s first ever visit to a music studio was also the day he decided he wanted to join a band. The opportunity came when Lampoe invited him to sing ‘When I Come Around’ by Green Day. His first time on stage was at the Indonesian Independence Day celebration in the boys’ local neighbourhood of Sayidan. The memory that most stands out from that day for Heru is performing barefoot with his legs shaking with stage fright.
The emergence of the Punk Revival in the nineties changed everything. From Green Day, Heru got into Rancid. The first time he heard ‘Time Bomb’, he could only wonder, “What kind of music is this?” At the time there was no internet access, so Heru began searching for references in magazines and from hanging out and talking about and listening to music with mates. He also went through a punk phase, dyeing his hair with coloured markers, fighting with other kids in the neighbourhood, and even getting chased by police.
His friendship with Wiro (Sentimental Mood) helped foster in him a deeper knowledge of the Ska music he was starting to get into. Heru also befriended a lot of friends from out of town, from places such as Malang, Bandung and Jakarta. Through the exchanges that occurred with these broader friendships, Heru continued to gain more musical references. After his immersion in the punk and skinhead culture, he became a ‘scenester’, not only immersing himself in the music, but also everthing to do with the lifestyle including the hair styles, fashion, and even the vehicles, when he purchased a Lambretta scooter, which he bought from a friend for two hundred and fifty thousand rupiah (around US$25).
At the time, Heru was crazy about bands such as Madness, The Specials, and Sublime. He also started buying music by illegally sending US dollars by mail to Moonska Records in New York USA. It worked and he received a packet from the US with CD, VHS video cassette, a catalogue and a magazine. He once even sent a fan letter to New York hardcore band Warzone, but he never got a reply.
As a musician, Heru learned guitar from books and hanging out. The first song he ever learnt was Bengawan Solo, a popular song for the young kids playing guitar around the neighbourhood of Sayidan at the time. And it was at this time, Heru began writing songs about daily life around him. One of the first songs he wrote was Kecoa (cockroach) that went on to be released on Shaggydog’s first album. The song was about the ‘betrayal’ of a friend.
After Shaggydog recorded their first album and busy touring to several cities, Heru decided to defer his university studies as a Graphic Design student at MSD (School of Media and Design), and focus solely on music. From early on in Shaggydog’s career, the band began developing networks amongst the scenesters in the various cities they visited. Letters began to arrive from fans and critics, with a variety of content, including both praises, criticisms, and once even a request from a fan for a mobile phone, so he wouldn’t be ostracized by his friends.
Together with Shaggydog, Heru began to travel the world. The band toured to Europe, Australia, and USA. The first time to go abroad was in 2004, to the Netherlands. He couldn’t believe it, when he got the call to do a concert in Holland with the band, while he was walking along the rice paddy fields in Nitiprayan.
Heru’s passion for researching music and his madness spending hours in front of a computer screen resulted in a deeper knowledge of music. In the early 2000s he was became acquainted with electronic music and started manipulating songs with a synth, mixer and got deeper into the Dub genre, which is a merging of Reggae and Electro sounds. His initial capital went on a Roland Groovebox synthesizer, which he bought from Aryo, the producer of band Technoshit when Shaggydog was recording a demo in their studio. His experimentation resulted in a number of songs including ‘Love to see you Dance’ and ‘Bomb da Town’, which he published on the MySpace site. This was the beginning of a project called ‘Dubyouth’, collaborating with the talents of Andy ‘Metzdub’ Zulfan who was at the time the manager of Shaggydog. Heru believes the market share for Shaggydog is different from Dubyouth, as they tend to appear more in nightclubs, or at art exhibition openings. Together with Dubyouth, Heru also had the opportunity to perform on tour in Belgium and Paris.
Heru’s musical experimentation didn’t stop there - he also created a project called Barokka which involved mixing dangdut Pantura (a local genre of music inspired by rock and Indian bollywood style music), with modern EDM and other new electronic music genres. Barokka is an acronym for ‘The Pantura Rockers’. In addition to his work with Shaggydog, and these projects, Heru was also invited to collaborate with various musicians, including Pee Wee Gaskins, Superman is Dead, Endank Soekamti, Libertaria, and Candra Malik.
Aside from music, Heru’s business insticts also found an outlet with his restaurant business ‘Warung Heru’, located on Prawirotaman Street, Yogyakarta. He is also involved in fashion with his online store @heruwashop. His childhood hobby in Bali, was actually surfing, but after moving to Jogja, and spending most of his time on asphalt, Heru shifted his hobbies to the automotive kind. Now Heru can often be seen riding his big bike around town.
Heru married Annisa Nasution in 2015 and they’ve been blessed with a daughter, Atha Widya Senandung Wahyono.
Heru is a musician that started it all from the ground up. He never dreamed he would actually become a musician that would release so many albums, write songs that would become so popular, or perform concerts in various countries. His ambition when he began was quite simple, to one day perform in Kridosono Stadium, Yogyakarta.
Sennheiser SKM 300 - 835 G3


Born : 1978-11-09
From : Yogyakarta
Instrument : Lead Guitar
Raymond is the most 'sporty' among Shaggydog's members. As the father of Yael Bramantoro in his marriage to Sabine Spijker in 2015, exercise is a hobby and great joy for Raymond in addition to music. This guitarist whose full name is Raymondus Anton Bramantoro continues to regularly play futsal. Almost every Wednesday night, Raymond plays futsal with fellow musicians in Jogja. Every now and then he also goes skateboarding but his skateboarding hobby was not always just for fun. At high school, Raymond participated in a Southeast Asia wide skateboard competition in Surabaya. He was also second runner up in a Planet Surf skateboard championship event held at Mandala Krida in Yogyakarta. It was this hobby that caused him to break his arm and as a result not participate in one of Shaggydog's shows.This musician, who was born in Yogyakarta on 9 November in 1978, is the youngest of four siblings. Raymond's childhood was spent in the area south of the Umbulharjo terminal (now XT Square) in Yogyakarta. He was raised in a family with a simple lifestyle. His father, Leonardus Soetopo was an employee of Bank Indonesia, and his mother, Mamik Laminem was a housewife. Raymond's love and talent for music came from his grandfather and grandmother who often played keroncong music. His family also loved to play music at home. All of his siblings can play musical instruments. His father plays guitar and his mother sings. Each payday, Raymond's father would always take him to the record store and buy his favourite albums. The family's music collection was diverse ranging from Nat King Cole, Ermy Kulit through to Lilies Suryani.
Raymond's childhood in his family was very harmonious. Numerous young people would come to his house everyday to learn guitar or to just ask his father to tune their guitars.In 2009, Raymond's father passed away and then a few months later his mother also died. In remembrance of them both, Raymond now likes to collect vinyls. He diligently hunts out the favourite music albums of his parents.The first cassette that Raymond bought was Metallica's Black album, when he was still in junior high school. At that same time, he began to learn guitar from his brother, Alexander. Although it was still difficult for him to reach the guitar chords, seeing his older brother who was already proficient further spurred him on to learn the guitar. During junior high school, he also formed his first band with his primary school friends, called Jibres, whose band name came spontaneously. They rented a music studio every Sunday and practiced for as long as they wanted.Raymond along with his schoolmate Heru (Shaggydog's vocalist) often went to Sayidan during senior high school. He got to know Bandizt (Shaggydog's bassist) there and they formed a band called Lampoe. Raymond's favourite bands were Pearl Jam and Collective Soul, while his favourite song was 'Sampah' (Trash) by Netral. When the punk era hit, they also transformed, starting with dying their hair different colours, and playing Rancid. Then they formed Shaggydog. After graduating from senior high school, Raymond chose not to go to university and once Shaggydog's schedule became fuller, he decided to focus on music.In terms of musical matters, Raymond admits that he is the most fastidious member of Shaggydog. If something in a song does not feel right to the ear, then he will immediately re-arrange the song. He was also in charge of the tunes in songs like 'Kembali Berdansa', (Back to Dancing) and 'Tonight'. He usually provides a few options of musical arrangements, which are then perfected by the other band members. According to Shaggydog band members, they have a very strong 'chemistry', such that music usually immediately flows only through eye contact with one and other. Although sometimes there are debates and differences in opinion between them, the atmosphere is seldom heated and issues can be resolved on the day. "Shaggydog personnel share a mutual understanding and respect," Raymond said.Playing music for Raymond means 'freedom' without any burden, which is what he does with Shaggydog. "That's called playing music," he asserted.Raymond's love of metal music has not been abandoned. On several occasions, he has performed using guitar distortions with the veteran hardcore Jogja band, Something Wrong.According to Raymond, Shaggydog's current image has been formed based on what you see. Although they have many 'gimmicks', in terms of musical matters, this band knows where it is going as it has a direction: Jamaican Music. (*)
fender Jaguar
fender telecaster

marshall jcm 900

MXR GT-OD (Jim     Dunlop)
caveman overdrive (oddfellow)
DC10 Ciok
MXR ten band EQ (Jim dunlop)
TU-2 (Boss)
OD-808 (Maxon)
DOD envelope filter 440 (Digitech)
Nova Delay (TC electronic)
RV-5 (Boss)

Line 6 relay G-50 Digital Wireless


Born : 1973-10-09
From : Yogyakarta
Instrument : Bass
Bandizt frequently moved from one city to another during his childhood. This bassist for Shaggydog has lived in Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Kalimantan. However, Aloysius Odissey Sancho (Bandizt's full name) has lived with his grandmother in Sayidan, Yogyakarta since grade four at primary school when his parents decided to split up. During junior high school, Bandizt was influenced by his friends and became a member of a gang of local youngsters. Being the youngest, he often had to find and purchase liquor. Bandizt, at that time was also an active football player and was in the GAMA football club that regularly practiced at the UGM campus. However, unfortunately the day before enrolling to join the PSIM junior football, he fell from a city bus on his way back home to Sayidan from practice at UGM. His leg was injured and he has never played again.During school, Bandizt hung out at various places and often did not even go home on Saturday nights. His grandmother was quite fierce and often reprimanded his behaviour. As he never had extra money to hang out, he became a newspaper boy in late 1990. He did five semesters of lectures at STIE YKPN in 1994 but because he was more focused on playing music with Shaggydog, he did not continue his formal education.This musician who is often referred to as Pakde (great uncle) by his fellow members was in a class ahead of Raymond, Heru, and his cousin Richad at Marsudi Luhur Senior High School. When the punk era took off, his friends including three Shaggydog members often went to Bandizt's house to colour their hair as his mother had coincidentally opened a salon business at that time. During senior high school, Bandizt along with Raymond, and Aji founded a band called Lampoe. As it was seemingly impossible to find a bassist and a vocalist, the band asked Heru to be the vocalist, and soon after Richad joined as the guitarist. After watching the classic black and white film titled 'The Shaggy Dog', they mutually agreed to change the band's name from Lampoe to Shaggydog. Now, in addition to being the band's spokesperson, Bandizt is also the Director of PT Putra Bersinar Bersama, the company that manages Shaggydog's business division.After the Merapi eruption in 2010, a lot of people witnessed how badly many animals fared. Bandizt initiated a 'rescue' mission especially for abandoned dogs. Bandizt then founded Animal Friends Jogja (AFJ) together with his wife Dessy Zahara Angelina and six friends as the manifestation of their concern for the numerous cases of violence against animals. AFJ activities include controlling animal populations by sterilizing wild cats and dogs and visiting schools to educate children on how to treat animals properly. They also often initiate actions and various campaigns such as, 'Dogs Are Not Food' and objecting to dolphin circus shows. AFJ also has shelters for approximately 30 abandoned dogs and 60 abandoned cats.Since becoming an animal activist and learning a lot about healthy living, Bandizt decided to become vegan, thus he does not eat any animal products. Being vegan allows him to be closer to nature and animals and appreciate life more. The AFJ programs are also in line with the values of his Shaggydog fellow members; therefore Shaggydog always supports all of AFJ's campaigns. In addition to assisting AFJ activities, Bandizt also built Omah Jegok, a guesthouse that is always bustling with domestic and foreign guests. 20% of Omah Jegok's income is allocated to AFJ activities. Bandizt is also currently learning to cultivate oyster mushrooms in the back yard of his house.In addition, Bandizt has also established a restaurant called Simple Plan Vegan Kitchen located on Jalan Prawirotaman. He hopes to encourage people to try eating healthy foods without meat and other animal products through the restaurant. Bandizt hope for the future is that AFJ will shut down, meaning that animal welfare problems will be over. (*)
Bass precision fender, Jazz bass fender


Ampeg AVT210AV bass speaker cabinet

peave TKO 115

DI box radial J48

Boss Bass equalizerBoss Bass chorus


Born : 1977-04-02
From : Yogyakarta
Instrument : Guitar
Richad's contribution to Shaggydog as a guitarist has been enormous. He has written several hits for the band together with other members, like, 'Hey Cantik' (Hey Beautiful), and 'Anjing Kintamani' (Kintamani Dog). His full name is Richad Bernado and he was born in Yogyakarta on 2 April, 1977. He was raised in Sayidan village and his father, more familiarly known as Pakde (great-uncle) Santo, worked in a tobacco factory. When Richad was small, his father frequently played keroncong and dangdut music. Nowadays, his father who features on the cover of Shaggydog's Putra Nusantara (Son of the Archipelago) album has moved into blues music. His mother worked in the Sony Cassette & Video shop in Pakualaman and frequently brought western pop cassettes home like the Bee Gees and ABBA. However, Richad was keen on Daniel Sahuleka's music at the time. He had music flowing in his blood from his parents, which grew and flourished.Richad has always been close to his cousins since he was small, including Bandizt (Shaggydog's bassist). They were very keen on sports like, kasti (a kind of Indonesian traditional baseball), basketball, right through to football. "At that time, there were still a lot of playing fields in Jogja," Richad said reminiscing about his childhood.Richad began playing guitar when he became acquainted with Amir, a university student from Brebes who was boarding at his grandmother's place. At that time, Amir made Richad who was still at Bopkri 1 Junior High School, memorize three guitar chords every day. According to Richad, Amir's lessons were similar to lessons at a guitar school. He also learnt many songs, ranging from simple tunes through to creative pop songs from the likes of Kla Project, a popular band of the time but Richad preferred to learn the easy songs. He continued to learn guitar by himself.When he was in his last year of senior high school, he met Heru and Raymond, who were Marsudi Luhur High School alumni. They often hung out at Sayidan and did a lot of silly things together. However, before being asked to be the guitarist in their band, which comprised of Heru, Raymond, and Bandizt, Richard played bass in a band with his friends that did covers of rock songs by Mr. Big and Bon Jovi.When the punk era took hold of the youth of Yogyakarta, Richad was also affected. There were many interesting tales from that era and things that he experienced. At one point, Richad's group had an issue with another punk group in Jogja. He was taken hostage at the Mandala Krida area, but fortunately nothing happened and the issue was quickly resolved. In fact, he remains close friends with the members of that group that held him hostage.This serious Bob Dylan fan acknowledges that when creating a Shaggydog song he is inspired by the music that he hears, which he then develops into an interesting new song. Behind the success of Shaggydog, Richad admits that he sometimes feels shy when he meets a lot people and is surrounded by fans, especially when he's alone. Richad has long been known as a person who doesn't pick and choose his friends. People from all walks of life can become close friends with this father of one child.As a guitarist, Richad of course has a large collection of guitars of various famous brands such as Gibson and Fender, but the guitar he currently uses is a Radix, a locally made custom guitar. Besides being proud to use a locally made guitar, Ricard feels that Radix knows how to make the right sound that really suits him.Richad's great hobby, outside of his busy life with Shaggydog is Vespa motorbikes. In 2009, he joined a Vespa club called Tim Sakit (The Sick Team). He loves the freedom of driving his 1964 red Super Vespa, which is called 'Cherry Drop'. This movie buff guitarist also has a collection of many vinyls, especially the classic songs of punk, rockabilly, and reggae bands. He also loves Tom Waits and Johnny Cash songs.In terms of business, Richad did have a clothing range called Dollardance. However, after a long period of inactivity, he has now created a new brand called Doggies Army. In going forward, Richard hopes that Shaggydog will become richer musically, which will encourage listeners and fans to accept a greater diversity in music. (*)
Guitar:-fender telecaster


Amp:-Marshall Vintage-Modern

Efect:-Cry Baby Model


-Boss Digital Delay DD-3-Boss Super Overdrive SD-1-Boss Blues Drive BD-2-Boss Equalizer GE-7

-Perception wireless 45 (AKG)

Born : 1980-04-21
From : Yogyakarta
Instrument : Drums
Yoyok's childhood was spent on the banks of the Code River. At that time, he lived south of Kewek Bridge on Jalan Mataram in Yogyakarta. Whenever it rained, he and his friends would always ngeli. Ngeli is when you float along on the river current. He frequently jumped into the river and floated along with the current right to the front of his house. His extended family established an antique business selling paintings, puppets, and so forth. His father was a leather craftsman who made goods such as bags and belts. However, as an only child, Yoyok did not continue the business after his father passed away in 2000. Instead, he chose to live in the world of music.Prior to joining Shaggydog, Yoyok was the drummer in Brutal Corpse, a brutal death metal band from Jogja. His path in the music world began when he had private drumming lessons at a local studio. At that time, this musician who was born in Yogyakarta on 21 April in 1980 was still at junior high school. Due to the long distance that he had to go from his house in Jalan Mataram to Ngasem in the Sultan's Palace by bicycle, Yoyok decided to stop the drum lessons. After high school, his interest in percussion could not be contained. Yustinus Satria Hendrawan, which is his full name, finally returned to private drum lessons in Jalan Suryodiningratan. His teacher at that time was a friend of his father, a student of ISI Yogyakarta majoring in percussion.At that time, Yoyok asked his Bopkri 2 Senior High School friends to form a band that played covers of Gigi's 3/4 album. When a more senior student joined the band to replace the previous guitarist who wasn't such a serious player, their reference shifted into alternative rock. Pearl Jam became the band's reference but the band only performed once at their school's lustrum event.Yoyok became a fan of black metal music when he was in senior high school after watching a local band, Legion Lost perform, which later changed its name to Mistis (Mystical). He also often frequented Kotamas in the Malioboro area that was a place for the Jogja metal scene to hang out, which the Jogja Corpse Grinder community facilitated.After getting acquainted with Jordan and Enrico (both who have now passed away), Yoyok often hung out at Lexrost Studio, which was then a base for hardcore bands. Yoyok along with Jordan, Anto, and Michael formed a band called Scumbag, which adopted the new school hardcore music genre such as bands like Sick of It All and Gorilla Biscuits. At that time, Anto was also a member of Brutal Corpse that played more often at various gigs. Yoyok was then seconded as the band's crew. After the previous drummer was dismissed for disciplinary reasons, Yoyok was asked to be the main drummer in Brutal Corpse, and co-starred in the album In Your Anus My Penis Curses (1998).He was introduced to Shaggydog personnel when Brutal Corpse and Shaggydog released the album Yogyakarta United Underground (1998), a compilation album of underground bands of various genres in Yogyakarta. Yoyok at that time hadn't heard of the ska music genre. He learnt a lot about this subculture from Soetik (Something Wrong) who was then working at Lathaga Studio. One afternoon while hanging out at Jalan Kaliurang, he was chatting with Richad and they asked each other about their respective bands. Richad said that Shaggydog currently did not have a drummer and Yoyok offered himself to fill the position.Since that time, Yoyok often hung out at Sayidan and Bandizt lent him a number of cassettes. He copied cassettes such as: The Specials; Operation Ivy; Bad Manners; and Madness in his double cassette tape deck and he instantly adopted these songs at home. Yoyok then often stepped in as the drummer for Shaggydog when their drummer Aji left. Brutal Corpse and Shaggydog frequently performed on the same stage. Once, immediately after appearing with Brutal Copse, Yoyok did a gig with Shaggydog without changing his attire. This caused a scandal in the Yogyakarta underground scene at the time but for Yoyok - anjing menggonggong, kafilah berlalu (the dogs bark but the convoy goes on); he remained calm and cool behind his drum set.Shaggydog then appointed Yoyok as their official drummer, which eventually compelled Yoyok to leave Brutal Corpse. He decided to play music with Shaggydog because ska music was much more challenging for him. He was used to playing drums at a rapid tempo, fast, and hard and had to learn to be groovier.Yoyok enrolled at the Indonesian Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta (ISI Yogyakarta) twice to major in percussion but was not accepted. Finally, because he was forced and financed by his aunt, he went on to study law at Atma Jaya University in Yogyakarta. He often skipped classes because Shaggydog's schedule was so demanding until he dropped out after attending university for two semesters.In around 2005, the ska music trend began to decline which resulted in less gigs for Shaggydog. Yoyok started hanging out at Alamanda Studio. There he became acquainted with many musicians and assisted in several music projects, including drumming on the solo albums of Pongky and Icha (both ex-Jikustik). He also formed a band with Dory Soekamti who played pop punk like the music of Blink 182 and Sum 41. Yoyok also became a semi-formal drum teacher at Studio Alamanda as he is able to read music notes. His students included Adit (Kyai Kanjeng), Ari Hamzah (Fun as Thirty/ex Endank Soekamti) and Tony Sapuro (Bre/Endank Soekamti). When Shaggydog's schedule became busy again, one by one his students moved on to other teachers.Once Memet stepped down as Shaggydog's manager, Yoyok took the initiative to become a booking agent for the band. However, as he became too busy with other activities, this job was handed over to Bandizt. Currently, in addition to drumming, Yoyok takes care of all the administration and other legal matters for the band, such as, taxes and bookkeeping.Yoyok has hardly any other hobbies aside from playing drums, although he is often seen carrying a Fuji Mirrorless camera wherever he goes, but that does not necessarily mean that he produces any photos. Another of his favourite pastimes is reading books. There is one book that he has read over and over again without getting bored, namely Belief in God without a Religion by Bertrand Russell.Yoyok has been blessed with a son, Aquila Mahesa Hendrawan, and a daughter named Mahasara Adimba Hendrawan in his marriage to Magdalena Farida Elisa in 2007. His motto is "drum until death!" (*)

Drums Custom Maple

Kick 20x20

Octoban 6x5

Tom 12x5.5

Floor 16x14

Snare OCDP 14x5.5 Maple

Snare Ludwig Black Beauty 14x5 Brass
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Paiste Signature Combo Crisp Hihat 12inc

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Paiste Signature Blue Bell Ride 22inc

Zildjian K Crash Ride 20inc

Paiste Alpha Medium Swiss Crash 18inc

Paiste Signature Splash 8inc

Paiste 2002 Accent Cymbal 6inc


Born : 1978-09-23
From : Yogyakarta
Instrument : Keyboard
Lilik is the only Shaggydog member with a formal music background. Music has been in his blood since childhood. His father, Supardi, was a musical instrument maker who was also the leader of a keroncong music group. His mother, Sutinah was a keroncong singer. This Shaggydog keyboardist whose full name is Lilik Sugiyarto had mastered all keroncong musical instruments by primary school. During junior high school, he learned to play the violin at Kusbini, a
music school run by a family of musicians who created songs of struggle (Kusbini). At that time, Lilik who is from Sorosutan in Yogyakarta was taught
directly by Mas Doso, the son of Kusbini. Lilik was born in Yogyakarta on 23 September in 1978 was also involved in the Puspa Jelita Keroncong Orchestra led
by his father.

In 1995, Lilik continued his musical education studying violin at Yogyakarta Music High School (SMM). At that time, he also became interested in playing the piano. Puspa Jelita Keroncong Orchestra that was led by his father then developed into a campursari music group, which consisted of Lilik and his extended family. Lilik was the keyboard player in this group. Lilik still remained active in the Puspa Jelita musical group once Shaggydog become renowned and had a busy schedule. In fact he was involved in their two albums titled Keroncong Aseli (Real Keroncong) (1997), and the campursari
album Gudeg Ayu (Beautiful Gudeg) (1998).

The Puspa Jelita songs are still often played on local radio. Both of these albums were recorded at Retjobuntung Studio in Yogyakarta and produced by Ahonk, a financial backer from Semarang. Unfortunately, to this day Lilik does not have the actual albums of these works. The unfortunate thing is that after the 2006 earthquake, many of the campursari group's instruments were damaged and destroyed.

Although Puspa Jelita is currently not performing much, Lilik and his family still frequently play music together. However, their keroncong orchestra
occasionally still performs at various celebrations like cultural festivals and marriage ceremonies. Lilik also often plays as a keyboard player at marriage

As a child, Lilik was an active football player and joined the PS Mas Club that regularly practiced in the Minggiran football field. As a winger, Lilik got the chance to be a core player for the Yogyakarta U-16 PSIM tournament. However, after finishing SMM, he did not continue sports activities for fear of injury and not being able to play music.

During school, Lilik was a crew member for Meto, a progressive pop band made up of SMM students that was always the star at various music festivals. At that time, the punk subculture had swept through Jogja's youth and although Lilik was interested he never got into the punk-style. Aside from worrying about being scolded by teachers, his soul was still strongly connected to classical music.

Lilik crossed paths with Shaggydog personnel when he was introduced to Raymond by his neighbour. Almost every afternoon after school, Lilik made time to hang out at Marsudi Luhur Senior High School, Raymond and Heru's school. As he was studying at music school, Raymond invited Lilik to join Shaggydog. At that time, Lilik had never heard ska music before. This music from Jamaica was strange and funny for him. It was like listening to music at a circus show or music from a comedy film. He immediately embraced some of the materials and he even offered to invite his three schoolmates studying brass instruments at SMM to join.

After completing SMM, Lilik went on to study ethnomusicology at ISI Yogyakarta. However, due to Shaggydog?s busy schedule at that time and feeling that he chose the wrong course, he did not continue to go to lectures and eventually received a drop out letter from the campus. After studying at ISI Yogyakarta, he realized that the department was not going to turn its students into musicians, but researchers (ethnomusicologists) and he finally decided to focus on playing in the band.

In Shaggydog's early days, Lilik's role was to create the brass section arrangements and refine materials from his colleagues. He also contributed to songs. Both the music and lyrics in 'Doggy Doggy', and 'Damai Sejahtera' (Peace and Prosperity) were created by Lilik. As Lilik is proficient with a variety of keroncong instruments, he also brings a unique quality to Shaggydog. It is this that distinguishes Shaggydog?s music style from other ska bands.

Lilik has many other pastimes aside from music. He is a broker for Javanese limasan and joglo structures. If someone is interested in finding a limasan or joglo, he promptly takes the prospective buyer to the location of the structure. He also owns a batik business and runs a small eatery selling catfish with his wife Meta Kusmiati. Lilik and Meta have two children Muhammad Naufal Sugiyarto and Zafira Husna Sugiyarto. At present, in addition to wanting to make his village, Plumpungrejo, into a tourist village, Lilik also plans to open a restaurant serving typical Palembang food such as tekwan, pindang fish, and tempoyak. (*)
-Hammond Xk 1c
-Yamaha MOX 6
-Pedal sustain
-Amply : Rolland KC 550: peavey 300 kb